Rhythm House Drums

Custom Djembes and Congas

Hand Drums crafted in a Unique and Modern Style

I believe that music is a universal code, one that bypasses language and communicates directly with our soul. Rhythm is the foundation of life.
-Owner, Kevin Brown

Rhythm House Drums is a company rooted in perfection of a craft - Hand Drums! Whether it be African Djembes, locally crafted, eco-friendly Djembe Drums, a custom Ashiko, or a mellow set of Congas, RHD is here to make only the best! We take great pride in not offering cheap, mass produced drums that can be found all over the Internet and in most music stores. We sell these instruments online and locally in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aside from our selection of percussion instruments, we also carry an excellent variety of goatskins, low stretch drum rope, steel rings, and any other component you may need to build or repair your own hand drum.

RHD Djembe Drums

Hand-Crafted Djembe

Our RHD Djembe is a special djembe drum we build here in the US. There is no other djembe like it in the world and has become one of our best sellers as well as a sort of definition for what we do. Available in a variety of woods, and can always be customized, this djembe drum is eco-friendly, built local in Charlotte, NC, and has a huge traditional djembe sound. Like all of the instruments we build in our shop, these djembes are designed and built one at a time to insure quality.

RHD Ashikos


This XL Ashiko is one of our favorite and defines what an ashiko drum should be. There are too many ashiko builders out there selling some cone shaped wood with a skin on top and calling it an instrument. Sorry, we don't buy it! Check out our XL ashiko and you'll soon know why. We design all our ashiko drums from the ground up and do endless experiments and tests on sound and how the shape of each drum affects it. Many factors go into the voice of an ashiko, but because of it's cone shape and the hard projection that the ashiko has, the shape of the drum has a big impact on sound. You wont have to worry about quality when buying an ashiko drum from RHD!

Imported West African Djembes

African Djembe

Aside from building some of the most unique and best sounding djembe drums available, you'll find our selection of African Djembe Drums to be among the finest offered here in the US. We import most of our West African djembes direct from a fine group of craftsmen in Mali, West Africa. These Mali styled djembes are some of the few that are up to our standard of djembe drum. There are lots of African drums in the US that were built for tourists out of light woods, and made quickly in order to sell cheap. The camp I get my Mali Djembe Drums from are artists, drummers, and love their craft. It shows with the consistency and quality of work and I'm happy to support the by offering these drums in the US.

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