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Dunun - Dundun | African Bass Drums - RHD


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Dunun - Dundun | African Bass Drums - RHD

dunun (also referred to as djun-djun, dundun, doun doun, and African Bass Drums). We use the term Dunun as that is the traditional spelling and pronunciation from Guinea, with the last 'n' silent. It sounds more like doonoo when spoke and the term refers to the family of bass drums; doundounba, sangban, and kenkeni. We carry top of line dunun hand crafted here in our shop in Charlotte, NC, as well as imported dundun from Guinea and the Ivory Coast. We specialize in custom dunun drums and custom designs, so throw your idea at us and we'll work up a quote.

Doundounba, Kenkeni, and Sangban are the three dunun that make up the West African Bass Drum ensemble.

  • The kenkeni is the smallest of the three and has a higher pitch; it is used mainly to keep time. 9.5 x 20"
  • The sangban is the middle sized drum that is thought of as defining the rhythm, usually a bit more complex than the kenkeni. 13 x 24"
  • The doundounba is the largest and provides a deep bass. This is the foundation to the rhythm. 17 x 28"

Bolokada Conde (Djembefola from Conakry, Guinea) has said that the doundounba is the power, the kenkeni is the information, and the sangban ties/knits them together.

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Dunun Bell Set (3)

Set of 3 dunun bells hand forged in Mali. RHD has seen / heard a lo...

Dunun Bell Set (3)
Dunun Set - Walnut

This is a complete set of top quality dunun designed to be played tr...

Dunun Set - Walnut
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