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Full size Conga Drums with custom stainless steel hardware!

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RHD has spent the past decade focused on African drums and building them with the best possible sound. It's what people think of when they hear Rhythm House Drums. All of this research and trial and error has taught us so much about the sonic properties of woods, how the thickness of the shell effects the tone, the importance of a quality skin, and how the shape of the drum defines the overall sound. A few years ago when it was brought up to think about building Congas (Tumbadora – as traditionally named in Cuba) the first thought was that RHD didn't want to be like the other guys. We had to bring something unique and special to the conga drum – We have done just that!

The Congas:
Our Conga Drums are built with an extremely unique stave design. This design enables us to have complete control over every aspect of the drum that will effect the overall tonal properties. From the wall thickness to the bearing edge, to the precise head – belly – foot ratios, our Congas are designed to have maximum warmth and sustain without sacrificing the sharp slaps. Not only is our design uniquely modern, but it also gives way for much less wasted wood, less stress on each stave, and the opportunity to build with a variety of woods and customizations.

The implementation of this design is just as important as the design itself. The craftsman throughout these congas is superb. From our perfectly shaped and smoothed joints to the four part finishing process, these conga drums look as beautiful as they sound!

The Hardware:
Chrome and Gold Plated hardware have always seemed cheap. RHD likes working with materials in the raw and do not like painting the beautiful woods we use just as we don’t like covering up the beautiful metals. A theme of raw materials shows true quality and craftsmanship. This is why our congas are hand crafted with quality stainless steel.

The stainless steel we use is hand cut, formed, and tig welded with precision right here in our shop. The final hardware is polished and bead-blasted for a beautiful matte finish. Under our hardware you will find thin rubber gaskets that protect the shell and minimize transferring shell vibration back to the skin which can cause odd overtones.

RHD is now taking custom orders for our Conga Drums! Please contact us for info on pricing and options


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