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African Sege-Sege, also known as, ksink ksink, are shakers placed around the head of the djembe. When the djembe is played the sege sege creates a “snare” type sound. They can be slipped through the crown loops, woven through the verticals, or secured with a rubber strap.

I have heard many stories about how sege-sege came to be and what they are typically used for. I’ve had plenty of African Djembefola tell me that most those stories are made up by Westerners… The real purpose.. “to make the djembe beautiful”. Not to disguise the hands, not as a shield for war time, and not always for the lead drummer (although that is accepted as the norm). It simply adds another texture to your creative drumming.

Our sege-sege are 5-6 inches wide and 7-8 inches tall. They are each hand forged from Mali, West Africa. These are sold as a set of three.

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