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These djembe rings are made from 1/4″ cold roll steel rounds. Available in sizes from 4″ to 20″.

We form these rings round by first cutting the length needed for the diameter of ring required.  Please give us inside ring diameter.  If your drum is out of round, please measure the circumference with a flexible tape or with a rope.  Typically you’d want the inside diameter to be about 3/8 of an inch larger than your shell.  Of course this depends on the skin thickness, the rope for the top ring, how much if any you wrap your top ring, and how your drum tapers.

Once the round is cut to length, it is rolled to form the drum hoop.  When the ends meet up nice they get welded and finished.

All rings are made to order and take a few days to a week to ship out.

These drum hoops are made specifically for djembe, ashiko, conga, dunun, and any other hand drum that uses either an internal flesh ring, or a bottom or crown ring.

*It is normal practice to wrap the rings with a cotton fabric in order to protect the skin from rust deposits and also add some color to the ring.

**Please note that there is an area during checkout for inputting comments. This is where you will let us know what size rings you need. Please call with any questions.


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