A little under the weather

Feeling a bit under the weather today. I think I may have overdone it these past few days when I felt something coming on. I know it’s ok to take a break, but on top of orders to get out, I have a huge list of things to get done. Everything from working on my shop to tuning up my machines to working on new djembe designs (I’ve got tons of plans for killer designs, but they usually don’t get past the paper stage).. even things like taxes, daily house chores… man, where does time go! I wake up (usually) with motivation and ready to start the day strong. Sometimes things go great and I am super productive, but sometimes a few things will go wrong and that just ends up in a downward spiral of unproductive stressing out!

One issue I’m trying to deal with is time management. I’m pretty bad at it! With my biggest down fall being that when I get caught up on orders, I take a breather instead of getting prepped for future orders and taking care of things that I keep in the back of my head, like the things mentioned above. I don’t have a whole lot going on right now, a few orders for rings, an ashiko kit made from Ash wood, a dundunba rehead and a djembe rehead… I have a few pending orders, one being a local school looking at getting roughly 20 drums, a mix a ashikos and dunun for a new program they’re starting. I’m waiting to hear back if the order is a go or not, and I know I need to get caught up as much as possible before this order comes, cause it’s going to wear me out!

Maybe I’ll get to the shop for a few and just clean up a bit, I know it needs it.? Maybe get some of things done (like quarterly taxes — eww) that I always put off till last minute.? I just don’t have the energy today to be super productive.? Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up with a new boost of energy and jump right in.? The one thing I like about being sick, is that the morning after it’s through your system you have a kind of super boost of energy. :)? maybe 🙂

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