A lot going on @ RHD

Just a quick post to talk a bit about upcoming excitement here at Rhythm House Drums…? First things first, I’ve got a shipment from Mali on it’s way to me.? I’m super excited about this.? It’s my first shipment direct from West Africa and includes about 15 djembes, 30 goatskins and 4 cowhides.? I’ve seen photos of some of the drums and WOW… I’m really excited.? Keep a look out on my African Djembe page as I will be posting them for sale as soon as they come in.? I’m thinking only a week or so more.

Mali Djembes

Part in prep for this and part because it needs to be done, I’ve been remodeling and working on my workshop.? I’ve built the shop from the ground up and once I got the walls up and electrical ran, I put a hold on the building to get my machines up and running to turn out some drums.? Probably not the best idea, but it’s allowed me to work on drums and on the workshop at the same time.? Well, actually, I’m half ass working on the workshop.? It’s hard to move things around to get to what I need for finishing up the shop.? HOWEVER… this weekend I finally got the first coat of mud and got the taping done on the drywall… at least in the main section.? I’ve still got some work to do on the ceiling but at least it’s progress.? My goal is to be done with the drywall by next weekend, so I can do a final sanding and start painting.? My main goal here is get to a point where I can hook up my mini split A/C & heat system so I can store my drums and skins in the workshop. I’ve also got an air cleaner that hangs from the ceiling to help keep the dust to a minimum in the shop, right now it’s on the floor and takes up a lot of room, once I paint, I can finally hang this booger and get it out of my way.? I’m sure it’s going to work much more efficiently once it’s hung and can move air easier.

ALSO.. I’ve got a huge project underway.? I’m turning out 18 drums (15 ashikos and a set of dununs with stands) for a local school.? They are wanting the drums asap so I’ve got to get that in my mix and start pumping them out.?? A great way to test out how much time the new lathe is going to save me!? Expect some blog posts happening (or not) surrounding this project.? On top of this, I have been contacted by another school who is wanting about half this many drums.? No definite go on this order yet, but things will get real crazy ’round here if that comes in while I’m still working on the big one.? 🙂

Fun times ahead… Looking forward to what is in store around the corner :)? Just more motivation to FINISH THE SHOP!

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  1. Kristina says:

    Business is booming! 🙂 Very exciting news, all around. I can’t wait to see what this year brings for your drum business. January seems to be treating you well, so far!

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