About Rhythm House Drums

Rhythm House Drums is a smaller company in Waynesboro, VA. Owned and operated by me, Kevin, I specialize in hand drums with a large focus on West African percussion, as well as more modern and custom drums. I strive to bring the best in quality and service. Rhythm House Drums offers a way to define yourself through your music, the one universal language. Listen to your heart, find your rhythm, and enjoy the journey.

Although I often use terms like ‘we’ and ‘us’, Rhythm House Drums is solely owned and operated by myself. My wife, Kristina, helps out when I get larger orders or get behind.  She is a huge inspiration and excellent support. I will also bring in some outside help from time to time. My two kids (5 and 9 as of 2020) hang out with me in the shop regularly and if you’re lucky enough to own one of my drums – they have probably helped with sanding or rubbing in finish or making sure it sounds good before getting boxed up.

Our staved drums are designed and built by me at the workshop, and the solid wood djembes are imported from various West African countries (although recently I have focused much more on custom drums and no longer import them). We sell our instruments at drum shows, open drum circles, locally, and of course, here on the net.

Whether our drums are imported or built in our shop, we guarantee that the quality and service you receive will be exceptional. We are continually improving on our already excellent design and construction techniques. Our drums are beautifully crafted, great sounding drums.

My vision for Rhythm House Drums is to provide a gateway into a community that has inspired me to be who I am. I believe that information and knowledge should be shared so that we can grow as a society. My specialty is hand drums, particularly those from West Africa, which are the very ones that awakened me to the beauty of drumming and rhythm.

RHD offers a lot of custom options for your hand drum. Custom is what we do! Please contact us if you are looking for something specific or something away from the mainstream. We love our drums and know you will as well!

Through drumming and sharing knowledge we hope to build a community based on friendships, openness, and rhythm. We hope to bring together and to become unified in spirit and rhythm throughout the world. By making top quality hand drums, inspiring and participating at various drumming events, and spreading correct knowledge, we hope to help make this dream a reality.

I believe that music is a universal code, one that bypasses language and communicates directly with our soul.
Rhythm is the foundation of life.
-Owner, Kevin Brown