Ashiko Drums are an under-appreciated hand drum. These drums are versatile, light weight, come in all sizes for any situation, and have beautiful tonal properties. The Ashiko Drum is thought to have originated in Nigeria, and is played somewhat like a conga, traditionally with a cowhide head and three feet tall, these were a spiritual / ceremonial drums. Today, Ashikos are a bit smaller and often use a goatskin for a more djembe style attack. With a goatskin these drums are super loud and bright. Nothing sounds like an old-school tall ashiko with a thick cowhide – very grounding and real. Here is a gallery of ashiko drums that have been built by RHD. These photos have been collected since the first drum I built. Not all the drums built got photographed, unfortunately, but I’ve got a decent collection and will add to this as I build more. Enjoy, and find inspiration for your next drum – custom built by Rhythm House Drums.


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Please keep in mind that all of these Ashikos are sold – however, if you like what you see here, let me know and I will be happy to recreate it or build something similar. Custom drums is kind of what I do 🙂 E-mail me – [email protected]

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