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Cajon – Duel Tone Box Drum

I’ve just finished up a really neat cajon build.? The idea was brought to me by a previous customer looking for something different.? He had the idea to build a cajon that was played from the top, and with two tones.? The bottom is open and the feet provide some room for the sound to […]


I recently had the opportunity to build a set of bongos. I was really excited to take on this build as I have never really connected with the bongo drums. I guess a part of me always saw the bongos as a toy drum. At drum circles it was the quietest drum, only heard on […]

Website Update

You may have noticed that Rhythm House Drums looks a bit different. Hopefully it didn’t scare anyone off as I’ve had the same design / site for almost 5 years now. My goal here was to upgrade to current software (PHP for the tech savvy) and to better utilize my site in the direction it […]

The Xylophone Project

When I started this project I had already been interested in building a xylophone.? I had done some research and had an idea about what I’d need to.? Let me tell you, I had no idea what I was in for.? See, I’m not OK with just OK.? If I build something, it’s going to […]

Sound of the Djembe

Every once in a while I get the urge to see what all is out there on the World Wide Web. It’s easy to get wrapped up in my own world, but it’s healthy to acquire new information so I can continue to grow. I’ve heard a lot of nonsense surrounding the djembe and drumming. […]