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The Life Doesn?t Matter

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to witness a lot of bizarre happenings, talk to a lot many extraordinary people and experience things which are no less than magical. And if I had to choose my favorite, I would undoubtedly choose hand drumming. The reason isn?t the effects it has on the environment […]

Hitting the Right Chords

The human brain is very complex, and constant research is being carried out to unravel its secrets. A considerable amount of cash is spent annually for the same, but there is no easy or satisfactory response to the question ? how can music alter brain wave activity? Shamanic drumming has been used as a vessel […]

Drumming for the Soul

Hand Drumming for the Soul It is said that the human soul is an unimaginable power source and every single soul is originally part of one central being. Are the soul, the mind, and body of every living being connected throughout the world? Many cultures around the world believe so. Hand drums have recently been […]