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Cajon – Duel Tone Box Drum

I’ve just finished up a really neat cajon build.? The idea was brought to me by a previous customer looking for something different.? He had the idea to build a cajon that was played from the top, and with two tones.? The bottom is open and the feet provide some room for the sound to […]


I recently had the opportunity to build a set of bongos. I was really excited to take on this build as I have never really connected with the bongo drums. I guess a part of me always saw the bongos as a toy drum. At drum circles it was the quietest drum, only heard on […]

The Xylophone Project

When I started this project I had already been interested in building a xylophone.? I had done some research and had an idea about what I’d need to.? Let me tell you, I had no idea what I was in for.? See, I’m not OK with just OK.? If I build something, it’s going to […]

Custom Heart Djembe

So I have a lot to blog about, seeing that it has been a LONG time since my last one.? Time has been disappearing faster than I can get to the net.? I’m determined that this little blog I have may be useful to some, and more importantly it’s a great record of what I’m […]