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Website Update

You may have noticed that Rhythm House Drums looks a bit different. Hopefully it didn’t scare anyone off as I’ve had the same design / site for almost 5 years now. My goal here was to upgrade to current software (PHP for the tech savvy) and to better utilize my site in the direction it […]

RHD Updates

Lots of updates to go through if you are interested… I like to share, and I like to have this stuff documented so I can look back in a year and say, oh yeah.. this is when this happened. So if you are interested in whats been new at Rhythm House Drums lately, enjoy. I […]

A lot going on @ RHD

Just a quick post to talk a bit about upcoming excitement here at Rhythm House Drums…? First things first, I’ve got a shipment from Mali on it’s way to me.? I’m super excited about this.? It’s my first shipment direct from West Africa and includes about 15 djembes, 30 goatskins and 4 cowhides.? I’ve seen […]

New lathe in the Shop

A bit before the end of 2011 I was fortunate enough to purchase a lathe.? Until now I’ve built all my drums using other methods to make them round.? These other methods aren’t exact, and are extremely time consuming.? No doubt though, I’m glad to have learned in this progression as it will only build […]