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Sound of the Djembe

Every once in a while I get the urge to see what all is out there on the World Wide Web. It’s easy to get wrapped up in my own world, but it’s healthy to acquire new information so I can continue to grow. I’ve heard a lot of nonsense surrounding the djembe and drumming. […]

War with Machines

So after a weekend of stress and rushing and of no productivity, I finally fixed the jointer. Machine problems are a part of the business, I know, and I also realize I don’t have the best equipment out there, though I do have some REALLY good equipment where it matters most. I had a lot […]

What you can’t plan for…

Well I’ve had an order for some vegan Ivory Coast djembes and was waiting for some shells to come in so I could get a nice fit for the synthetic heads. Hurricane Irene totally delayed the shipment by almost two weeks! I got the shells in yesterday about 5pm. I had promised these out asap […]

New Journal Category Added

I often have thoughts or ideas for both the business and personal.? There really isn’t a place for some of this on my blog as I’m more about drum building and community.? I decided I’d add a ‘Journal’ category so I can post about my thoughts.? Maybe not a crazy in-depth article on how to […]