Custom Djembe w/Inlay P5

I finally got this custom djembe finished up. I’m extremely happy with the sound. This is the first deer skin I have put on a djembe. I had previously gotten some rawhide deerskin cleaned and shaved that I put on an ashiko drum, but I got this skin raw a few hours after the kill… so I had to flesh it out. Not the most fun process, but good experience to see what all goes into cleaning up a skin for a drum.
This djembe sounds great. This particular deer skin came from soon-to-be-owner of this djembe. In exchange from some deer skins I built this drum specifically for him.

Custom Staved Walnut Djembe
Custom Staved Walnut Djembe

The sound of this djembe is excellent. It could be cranked down tighter, but I really like the sound at this tension. The bass is nice and punchy, the slaps are quick and tight and the tones have some meat to them. All around it’s one of the best djembes I’ve built to date.

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5 thoughts on “Custom Djembe w/Inlay P5

  1. Jonathan W. Thompson says:

    I am the proud owner of this beautiful Djembe,special thanks go out to my good friend and brother Kevin Brown. Kevin loves what he builds for people and deeply take pride in his creations. Rhythm House Drums is also one of DeepHollow Guide Services newest sponsor’s. My motto is ,you want some then come and get you some. Give Kevin a shout he would love to hear from you as well as build you one of these great drums.

    • KevnB says:

      Thanks, I was really happy with it myself. 🙂 I don’t remember exact dimensions, but I believe the head is 13.75 and the djembe is about 24.5 – 25″ tall.

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