The Right Push: Exploring Hand Drums

Exploring Hand Drums

…The Right Push

Ever since our childhood, the one thing which gives meaning to our existence is the thirst for knowledge. Spirituality is perhaps amongst the most controversial topics. There are so many communities in the world and every community has its own viewpoint when it comes to the existence of the Spirit. Various Indian and African tribes associate the soul residing in everybody to music and the music to Mother Nature, and believe that by controlling music via hand drums, a spiritual journey can be undertaken.

Beyond Words or Explanation

Now, people are a bit skeptical when it comes to experiencing a drum circle in action. For some people, it gives a feeling of completeness which they had never experienced, while for others, it doesn?t mean a thing because they cannot understand or relate to it. If you come across a drum circle, do not miss it. Whatever it is that you have heard or read in the past, forget everything. You have to listen to the hand drums in order to experience their true power.

Good People

When you arrive at a gathering, the prevailing environment itself speaks volumes. Sit down, relax, and wait for the music to hit you. When the beats reach your heart, you are transported to a whole new dimension. You begin to sense things, feelings, and emotions which you certainly knew you never had. This is called a spiritual journey, where the rhythms of the hand drums synchronize with the body and the soul within. And the members of drum circles will most probably be the most caring and helpful people you will ever meet.

A Little Encouragement

Being member of such a drum circle has its own advantages. In some cases, the therapeutic effect of hand drums has been known to be more effective than medicines or any other therapy. You feel more relaxed, calm, and in control of yourself and your destiny, because you know what to do. All you needed was the right push.

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