Eye of Nu – P5

FINALLY… I finished this beautiful djembe shell.? I’m so happy with the way it came out.? The bloodwood contrasts excellent with the hard maple and the inlay matches the bloodwood really well.? The detail I was able to get with the inlay was really good.? Inlace instructions suggests 1/8″ by 1/8″ min. width and depth.? I have the 1/8″ depth, but there are parts of that logo that are close to 1/16.? I can’t wait to get this djembe headed and hear it’s sound.? I did the bowl a bit big because the customer wants a laid back deep tone that can attack when needed.? The maple and tight skin will take care of the attack, and the large bowl and extended bell will take care of the lower bass and the deep tones.

Everything went together really well.? Sometimes I have to make adjustments but this build has been great, I’ve been happy with it at every stage.? So here it is, the completed shell.. front and back with a nice close-up of the inlay.



I’ll be heading this drum up this week and be able to post final pictures in p6 of this series along with some video if I can squeeze it in! 🙂


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