Eye of Nu – P6

I am extremely happy with the outcome of this djembe! Everything worked together just as I hoped it would. The contrast with the Maple and Bloodwood is beautiful, the resin inlay is almost a perfect match for the bloodwood, and the grey rope really adds to the overall theme. I used a black fabric with dark red pattern on the top and bottom rings to pull in some more of the red color.? I’ve very please and will be building more djembes out of maple.? It works well, is a stable wood and sands super smooth.? It was fun to work with and because it’s so dense it gives a very loud and bright tone to the drum.


I really enjoyed the process of building this djembe.? Custom drum builds are my favorite! :)? The sound of this djembe is just what I was after.? Using a thicker goatskin really compliments having that larger sized bowl and the result is a nice deep tone and rich bass without sacrificing the tight slaps.

Check out a quick video I got… sorry about the quality.? It was really bright and that was the only place I could get the video taken.? My cheap camera doesn’t help.? One of these days I might invest in a decent quality video camera.


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