Getting out what you put in… Intention

What is your intention when you play drums? ?Do you intend to head somewhere with your talents or is your intention to use drumming as a way to clear your mind, or both maybe? ?Do you want to be a memorize-er of traditions and play from the past? ?Or do you just want to have fun?

The choice is yours. ?There is no “right” answer by the way. ?It is common though, to hear that one should pay attention to one’s self enough to be aware of what that intention is. ?This is in order to treat yourself like your own customer. ?You are both the store clerk and the customer, and the clerk gives the customer what he wants. ?Sometimes we forget we are the customer and don’t realize we ARE asking for something specific…always.

“Tonight I intend to play bass and focus on the Dunun/DounDoun/DunDun (can we please all pick one spelling?)/Sangban/Kenkeni.”

“Tonight I intend to focus on alternating triplets that start with my weaker hand.”

“Today I intend to motivate the belly dancers/poi spinners to really dance.”

“Tonight I intend to sit back in the pocket and just listen.”

It seems to be that it’s all about?consciousness these days. ?If you aren’t conscious of the fact you are in the drivers seat, you might find yourself going around in circles. ?And so it is with drumming as well.

Know your intention so that when your intention delivers, you are expecting the package…


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