Hitting the Right Chords

The human brain is very complex, and constant research is being carried out to unravel its secrets. A considerable amount of cash is spent annually for the same, but there is no easy or satisfactory response to the question ? how can music alter brain wave activity? Shamanic drumming has been used as a vessel for healing, community building, and synchronization of the mind and body since time immemorial. Experts say that the beats emitted by a hand drum change the brain wave frequency to around 8 Hertz, which is almost equal to the frequency of our planet. But how is it helpful?

Unity no More

An expert opinion on this topic tries to provide an answer to that. It is said that all matter, especially the living organisms, were initially part of a single energy source, from which it all disintegrated into separate organisms (known as the Big Bang or Big Expansion). During a shamanic drumming session, the vibrations of all these various organisms are synchronized and vibrate in harmony. This clears the energy field around us, widens our consciousness, and acts as a catalyst when it comes to healing emotional scars and wounds.

Not at the Forefront

A shamanic drum has different regions, and each region is believed to hold access to a certain helping spirit. The shaman calls out to that particular spirit when that spot is hit. A bridge is established between the human mind and the spiritual world, transporting us to an alternate reality, where worries, tension, trauma, and addictions take a back seat.

Not Elementary

What is to be understood is that the whole universe around is a single, gigantic, rhythmic being, and by hitting the right musical chords, the rhythms can be changed. This is known by shamans all around the world and is what they preach and practice. Shamanic drumming as an art can be complex to understand, but its beauty is self-evident.

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