Mitered Table Saw Sled for Ripping Angles

So far this has been one of the best jigs in my shop.? I’m loving using it and my slats are coming out just right.? This sled is replacing an old aluminum taper jig that would bow and wouldn’t hold it’s position very well.? The sled also has the advantage of cutting an angle in either direction, as the taper jig only went from fat to thin.

Wish I had come up with this a long time ago!!? I had seen the design and idea a few times, but wondered about my ability to build it.? Guess I shouldn’t doubt myself.? The photo is one I took while still being finished.? I have made a few modifications since this photo as well as added a toggle hold down.

I used some 3/4″ baltic birch ply and thick 5/4″ purple heart.? I used T-track slots that I routed into the fence and the board to act as runners for positioning the hold downs and the fence.? I spent way too much on this sled.? I think I had around 90 bucks in material with already having the purple heart in stock.? I had a lot of material I didn’t end up using for this project, but I put it aside as I’m sure I’ll use it again.? I probably didn’t need to buy the baltic birch, but it’s a bit better qaulity than what I could get at a big box store, so I figured it was a good investment.

After using it for a few drums now, I might make a few more modifications.? Some things I’ve already done to it are trim up the extra lenght of tracks, added another sliding hold down to the fence and a toggle clamp.? I also added a strip of wood at the edge of the sled that touches the fence.? With the SawStop of that blade hit the aluminum track it would shut down and screw up my blade and cartridge.. about 200 bucks to get up and running again.? The plus side to this saw is that if it’s my finger that touches the blade, it’s a 200.00 fix to the saw and saves me an ER trip to sew a finger/hand back on.? :)

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