My Tryst with Hand Drumming

Is life supposed to be how it is now ? fast paced, competitive, full of ups and downs, while there is so much concern for unimportant things? Or is life supposed to be slow, taken one step at a time in a relaxed way and enjoyed to the fullest? These questions have forever intrigued me, and in my search for answers, I decided to engage in the activity known as hand drumming.

Close Thoughts

I had heard that every weekend, members of a drum circle assembled at a nearby caf?, so I decided to give it a shot. I remember being very excited about the whole prospect. All sorts of feelings were jumping around inside of my head. What will it be like? Can I really connect with a spirit? Are the musical beats really the heartbeats of Mother Earth?

The Beginning

When I reached the place, it wasn?t difficult to spot the circle. It was perhaps the happiest gathering I had ever seen. Everyone was at ease, laughing and talking, no one was a stranger. I asked an elderly person whether I could join the circle for the day and he said ? ?Of course you can, but bring your heart and soul along with you?, the meaning of which I didn?t understand at that time.


So I smiled and took a seat as the hand drumming was about to start. And as the first beat hit me, I realized that this was something I had never experienced. The musical beats soon gained momentum. Despite the heavy traffic nearby, I couldn?t hear anything besides the drum beats. Two old women started singing. The words, I couldn?t understand, but still I felt I knew what they meant deep inside. I was delivered to an alternate plane of existence.? My mood changed as the beats changed, and I was for the first time in my life ? at peace.

A Different Path

After that session, I decided to take up hand drumming myself and even became member of a drum circle. If you are at a similar point of life as I was, give hand drumming a shot. It may change your life.

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