New RHD Pro Series Djembe on its way!

A new line of RHD Pro Series Djembes are coming early in 2012. ? Pre-order until Jan. 2012 for a huge 20% discount!? This is going to be about 120 dollars of the projected price tag of $600.


RHD Pro Series Djembe

These drums are going above and beyond what I thought I had the capability to build when I first started this business.? I’m utilizing the traditional djembe shape to build a more modern djembe with precisely calculated measurements to maximize dynamics and projection.? On top of building a killer sounding djembe, I’m designing it with both stave sections as well as segmented sections for a unique modern design that definitely pulls from traditional and more native design concepts.? My goal for this model djembe is a unique modern djembe that feels traditional and sounds amazing with quick attack, high response, huge dynamics, and projection that will demand a second look.

These djembe drums are going to be 13.75″ diameter by 25″ tall, have 38 to 42 pairs of vertical 4.5 or 5 mm high quality rope (I’m thinking grey rope… or custom by order).? They will have tight steel rings hugging the shells bearing edge and use premium thick goatskins from West Africa or Calf hide.? To finish it off we are outfitting it with a low profile protective rubber bottom.

The shell will be constructed from top grade, hand selected Black walnut with accents being in Yellow Heart wood.? Though the djembe will be built with staves as many of our drums are, the inside of the shell will be hand carved and shaped as they traditionally are to aid in the quick attack and traditional sound.

I can’t wait to build this guy for myself to add to my collection.? My previous builds getting up to this design have sounded better and better so I’m really excited to get this project under way.

If you want to jump in on this rare drum… Let me know!? Huge 20% discount if you pre-order before Jan. 2012!

EDIT:? These beautiful djembes are no longer just a computer sketch!? Now available are the RHD Pro Series Djembes and they are smokin’!

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