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Lots of updates to go through if you are interested… I like to share, and I like to have this stuff documented so I can look back in a year and say, oh yeah.. this is when this happened. So if you are interested in whats been new at Rhythm House Drums lately, enjoy.


I have a new photo studio set up for taking my drum photos.. so you’ll be noticing that I am slowly going away from the natural drum in front of the tree photo that I’ve been doing since I started RHD.? I love the natural outdoors photo, but getting consistent photos is hard, and if the weather doesn’t cooperate… I’m out of getting the shot I need.? So I did some small mods to my shop and now have this set up in there.? I really like the way these photos are coming? out.? The grey background really helps the natural wood tones pop and makes a very professional looking image.

Just a quick note about some excellent quality djembes I have in stock now. These deserve their own post! These are some of the most beautifully carved African Djembe drums that I have come across in a while. From left to right is a Khadi wood djembe from Guinea, then up front is a pristine carved djembe from Lenke wood, and the drum on the right is a Djalla wood drum, also from Guinea.? As you may know if you follow me often, I pull in from DrumSkull Drums when they some exceptional stock that I can’t refuse.? These djembes photographed all came from the DSD shop.? I’ll add my personal touch to the drums when I head them, but DSD does deserve some credit in working with carvers to get this wonderful drums.

That said, I’m about to bring in another shipment from Mali.? The last batch of drums that came in where such nice quality, I decided to get some more.? All top quality Lenke wood djembes, beautifully carved in Bamako, Mali.? Aside from the 20 or so shells I’m bringing in within the next few months, I’m also pulling in about 100 goatskins, some Mali Krins, bells, and some bogolan cloth djembe bags.? Get up with me if you want to put a deposit for one of these drums.? Any deposits get first pick on shells…? This is more skins than I’ve hand on hand before, so you can expect my prices to be pretty great.? I’d like to move them fairly quick.

Along the same lines, I’ve partnered up with some other larger percussion manufactures… so I may be offering smaller hand-held percussion “toys” in the near future, and at an excellent price.? Things like clave, time keeper bells, shakers and rattles.

Website Updates


logo2I have a few announcements that go along with this big, no direction post.? I have developed a new logo/seal that I’ll be using on all of my product photos from now on. You can see this in the image, and I have also implemented it into the site (both the store header and the blog). For the purpose of keeping complexity down, this is also the seal I will be using to brand my custom built djembes and ahsikos… with a serial number unique to that drum under the RHD part. This way I can have lots of them made, and not worry about making them one at a time for which every style of drum is the next build.

In addition to this new look, I’ve completely refaced my blog to match my store design and hopefully give a better user experience.? I have lots of information on this blog, and felt my other design was not only completely seperate from my site, but also hid a lot of my content.? I’m always open to feedback about useability of my site, or really anything…? Its my drum family that keeps? me going and directs my decisions about where to go next.? So, for those involved, THANK YOU!

Check out the old blog layout if you haven’t been exposed to it yet…? Not horrible, but not anything close to what I have? now.? As of writing this, I’m still working out some tweaks to my new blog layout and function, so there might be little changes here and there, but for the most part, I’m really happy with where this blog is going.

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 10.34.29 PM


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