African Djembes

Professional quality West African djembes from Mali, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast. Traditional Hardwoods like Lenke, Khadi, Iroko, Djalla, and Dimba make up our fine selection of drums originating in West Africa.  The drum you see is the drum you get!  Pick your shell, pick your rope, and we’ll do the rest!

These African hand drums come to us as the rough djembe shell and we do all the finishing and heading work to make sure they are up to our quality standards. After putting the skin on, we tune to make sure the sound is what you would expect from one of our drums.

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We put a lot into these djembes from West Africa because the carvers put a lot into the shells. The combination is a beautiful traditional djembe drum with a respectable sound and at a reasonable price. Because we focus mainly on drums we build in shop, we dont have a large selection of these African drums, and may discontinue them at some point to focus all of our efforts on the custom drums that we love to build.  Curious where to find a good selection of the best quality African Drums?  We are more than happy to make recommendations.  Give us a call or send an email!