Through modern design and a desire to create top quality percussion instruments, RHD embarked on a journey that has led to this…

  • Beautiful, hand-selected hardwoods.
  • Impervious stainless steel hardware, custom fabricated at RHD (full size congas).
  • Highest quality steer hides.
  • Years of woodworking, percussion design, drum building and repair.
  • An idea that drums should be more than a mass produced hollow shell.


We offer beautiful congas (tumbadoras) with an original RHD Design, both in hardware and construction. Our design gives us complete control over the contours of the drums, the wall thickness, shape, weight, etc., all while minimizing waste. You wont find any Siam Oak (aka Rubber Wood) congas from us. Just quality!

We have two basic models to choose from, our Full Size Conga Drums with stainless hardware, and our Mini Series Conga that is more compact, lightweight, rope tuned, and cost efficient while still providing a deep rich tone you'd expect from a full size set up.

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