Also referred to as djun-djun, dundun, doun doun, and African Bass Drums… We use the term Dunun as that is the traditional spelling and pronunciation from Guinea, with the last ‘n’ silent. It sounds more like doonoo when spoken and the term refers to the family of bass drums; doundounba, sangban, and kenkeni.

RHD Dunun

Our Hand-Crafted dunun drums are built here in Waynesboro, VA from sustainable hardwoods. Dunun are big drums and there is so much waste in hollowing out a solid log in creating one. With our unique stave design, we are able to create a modern version of the dunun that allows us to have complete control over the properties of the drum. By fine tuning the size in relation to the wall thickness of the shell we have developed a set of dunun that sound excellent and reduce wasted wood.

Our design and implementation leads to other advantages as well. The use of exotic woods, customization, size and weight ratios, and more, are all possible with a custom dunun.