RHD Djembes

RHD Djembes are top of the line drums and completely unique to the world of traditional djembes and hand drums in general. Our unique stave design allows greater control over size, shape, and sound of the drum, and greatly reduces the amount of wood wasted. Our Custom Djembes are constructed in our workshop in Waynesboro Virginia out of sustainable US Hardwoods, most of which are locally felled when we can find them, and all supplied by a local sawyer. Being aware of the deforestation issues in Africa (only partially due to drums), these drums are an excellent choice – especially for the more modern drummer! They are extremely eco-friendly ‘green’ and are true works of art. These are pro quality djembe drums with a blasting traditional sound. If you are in the market, these should be at the top of your list.

Many staved (slatted) drums on the market give a bad name to the stave design because they are manufactured in a way that increases profits for the seller... Our djembe is built for the player, and we build each one as if it was our own. Our drums are hand-crafted, one at a time and conform to our strict standards. They sound just as good as any quality, traditional djembe from West Africa. Our RHD Pro Series has a beautiful full bodied tone and dynamic voice that is hard to beat even with the best djembes from West Africa and your choices in design and size are never limited. If you want more info on a custom drum, please contact us for a quote or just discussion. We're here to help and love talking drums!

Let RHD build your perfect Djembe!