Snare Drums

Through our years of developing hand drums and studying what gives a drum it's character, we've decided it's time to offer custom snare drums, and eventually work our way into the drum kit world.  As a drummer myself, it seems silly that I haven't offered any stave snares for sale.  I've built a few over the years for fun, but now I'm ready to offer them to the world!

I have a few designs for hardware – but custom hardware is expensive!  I've been reaching out to some hardware manufactures and have found some that I'm very happy with it terms of function and style.  I'll still be offering one off custom hardware on these drums, but I'd also like to offer my custom snare drums with more typical and less expensive hardware, while boasting a stave shell that is anything but ordinary.

While we work on this section of the website, please feel free to reach out and inquire about what we can customize, woods available, and maybe even get on the list for one of the first snare drums to officially come out of the RHD workshop!