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Custom made conga hardware – built to your specs for refinishing old congas with either a modern or traditional design. We can design and laser cut as well as hand form the stainless steel raw stock. Write us or call with your project in mind and we’ll take it from there!

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Get something unique, and let RHD build it for you! Nothing is more uninspiring than a refinished conga with hardware that is stamped with a manufactures name. Not to mention it looks like every other piece of mass produced conga hardware.

Custom Conga Hardware:

Conga Hardware is an essential component to the visual and structural make up of any conga drum. Whether you are building your own conga from the ground up and not sure what hardware to get, or refinishing an older drum and can not find hardware that matches, we’ve got you covered. Because we build in house and craft the conga hardware by hand, we are able to offer one off designs and customization. You can send in your old hardware for repair or to copy the style for a new drum. We welcome you to send in ideas and drawings and we can build your custom conga hardware off those specs.

Because everything here is custom there is no standard pricing. Please e-mail us with questions.

RHD Conga Hardware:

If you have purchased a conga from us and are looking to replace some hardware, or maybe you just like the style and quality of the hardware we provide, RHD offers this conga hardware for sale now as well.? Our hoops, brackets, ears, and sideplates are all precision laser cut from stainless steel based off our specs.? We take the laser cut parts to form and weld back at our shop to make sure each set is specifically made for the size of drum it goes on.? The final step is the finish style.

Because we like to use materials in the raw (no paint or chrome finish) stainless steel offers a few choices for finishes.

Matte Finish

Our matte finished hardware is buffed smooth and then bead blasted to a smooth matte finish.? This gives the stainless a sophisticated soft look that blends easy with the wood.

Brushed Finish

Conga hardware with a brushed finish has some ‘brushed’ texture to it.? Most stainless finishes you see in a kitchen or on appliances have a brushed finish.? This helps hide finger prints and smudges compared to a mirror finish.? It leaves the surface bright and reflective but is a bit more subtle than a mirror or chrome finish.

Mirror Finish

Just as it sounds, the mirror finish goes through a process of buffing and polishing to get the conga hardware bright and reflective.? Most hardware on the market is chrome, which looks similar to polished steel, but stainless is a bit brighter and has a very strong mirror like appearance.


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