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Beautiful hand-crafted stands for your PowWow Drum.? These powwow drum strands are custom built per order.? Shaped out of strong and durable Red Oak and accented with walnut wood, the asethetics and design of these stands are beautiful.

The function of the stand to is allow both the top and the bottom heads to vibrate freely when the top head is struck.? By allowing the bottom head to resonate just off the ground, a very deep and resonate bass with big attack and low rumble emerges from your drum.? The stand will also keep your drum off the ground and? help to raise it up to a more comfortable level.

For easy portability we have designed the powwow drum stand in two friction fit halves.? This allows the stand to quickly fold down and fit just about anywhere your drum can. It requires no hardware or tools to set up or break down.

These stands come in 3 price points. We build them custom to the size of your drum but wanted a way to easily order the correct stand.
If your PowWow drum is under 20 inches diameter, than this is the stand for you!
Select the medium option if your PowWow drum is between 20 and 30 inches diameter.
This stand is for drums between 30 and 38 diameter heads. Please note that if your drum is bigger than this.. WOW! And also please contact us for a quote on building an XL custom stand!

Contact us to see about getting a custom PowWow Drum Stand made specific for your drum, or purchase the drum stand with your PowWow drum from RHD and we’ll make sure it fits perfect!


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