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Custom Staved Djembes – built to order, available at Rhythm House Drums. These are top quality hand craved (not mass produced in a factory) djembes. We take our time to honor the tradition from which the djembe comes. Headed and tuned in the traditional sense yet using more sustainable means for production.

Want a Custom Djembe but not sure where to start? Take a look at some of our favorite custom builds:

Alt is Here
Custom Djembe

From the owner – Kevin Brown
My inspiration for building staved drums comes from mostly my love of drumming and creating the instruments, but also for fear of the future of these specialty African trees becoming scarce. I use sustained American Black Walnut for my main wood, it’s got a beautiful tonal quality and is durable and finishes well. I plant a tree with AmericanForests.org for every staved drum I sell.

Please note that the photos above are only a representation of these custom drums. The option for both sound and look are almost limitless and the quality is always what you’ve come to expect from Rhythm House Drums. Write us or call and lets discuss your next custom djembe.

If you are interested in a custom djembe, please contact us for pricing info. There are many factors such as wood type, size, skin, rope, and shape that all play a factor in cost. We try to be very reasonable and competitive with our pricing and will get back to your inquiry as soon as we can.


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