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Beautiful Vegan / Vegetarian drum from Rhythm House Drums.

The Djembes created here are hand-crafted per order. We use a synthetic Remo brand head with our beautiful American Black Walnut wood shell. We’ve set up the proportions on this djembe to enhance the sound of the synthetic head and make it sound as natural and warm as a traditional goatskin.

This is your best choice for a professional sounding djembe without using animal hide. Our RHD-Vegan djembe gives vegans and vegetarians a better alternative to goat skin heads and without the fiberglass or composite shells that give most synthetic drums a bad sound. Every other djembe on the market with a synthetic has has a mass produced shell, most of which are fiberglass or composite material which gives the djembe a very fake, plastic sound.

We developed this solid hardwood djembe to give you guys a pro sounding djembe in the synthetic department. Remo has developed an excellent head that sounds as traditional as possible and yet still be durable. These heads wont change pitch in different weather conditions, they can get wet, and will last longer than an animal skin. The shell is finished with a few coats of boiled linseed oil so no urethane or other harsh chemicals are put on the shell. We are conscious of the glues we use in the construction of the shell and do not use shellac (a common finish that is an animal byproduct)

Outfitted with top quality 5mm dark green rope to represent an earth-friendly product, these djembes, like all of our drums, are constructed with minimal waste, non-toxic glues, natural finish, and respect for our environment. Each genuine RHD-Vegan djembe has a token of quality imbedded into the shell with a unique serial number, insuring that each djembe is unique, and meets our standard of excellence.

Check out a short video demonstration of one of our vegan djembes.

As mentioned, our vegan djembes are built to order and production time on these run about 4-6 weeks.

** We are all about custom here! Have an idea for a design on your shell or want some wood carvings, or other woods worked in, let us know. We are happy to customize these djembes for you!

Please contact us if you have any questions about our vegan and vegetarian friendly djembes.


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