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The RHD Mini Conga Series is mini only in size – and really, they’re not that much smaller! These are not a ‘short on quality’ or ‘cheaply made’ hand drum. These congas are held to the same specs and quality control that we hold all of our drums to. An excellent set of congas that are lightweight, easily transported, and still hold a warm, full sound. These drums weigh in at under 15lbs each, making them almost half the weight of commercial full size congas!

The Mini Congas are crafted from hand selected solid hardwoods using our unique stave design which allows for custom control over every aspect of the drum. From wall thickness to head – belly – foot ratio, to the bearing edge and skin thickness, RHD leaves no detail unchecked. The wooden mini conga shells are finished with our special four step finishing process to insure protection, durability, and longevity.

We decided to rope tune these drums for a number of reasons. The first being that RHD wants these drums to be affordable! Doing hardware right takes a lot of time and added expense that we just didn’t see necessary for these drums. The purpose for building these mini conga drums was to make a quality drum that is lightweight, portable, and affordable. The rope tuning keeps the weight down, adds a sort of unique tribal feel to the drum, and helps keep the price low. In transport there is no worry that the drums will scratch each other with metal hardware poking out, and the rope also adds as a buffer should you tip the drum over or knock the side of the drum on a door frame.

MiniQuinto (10 x 28):
The Mini Quinto is the smallest in the mini series. This drum has a lot of attack in the slap yet keeps a nice mellow, higher pitched tone for the ensemble.

MiniConga (11 x 28):
Our Mini Conga is the perfect fit if you are looking to only get one drum. Nice midrange tone with a quick slap and lots of character. These drums are an excellent choice to play along with an acoustic set. Not too loud and abrasive with just the right amount of umph!

MiniTumba (11.75 x 28):
The Mini Tumba is the largest of the three in the Mini Series. Almost big enough to not be called mini, this drum has a beautiful low tone with excellent resonance. The belly of the tumba is what gives it the sound characteristics we all look for in a low pitched drum. Warmth and sustain!

Of course RHD is all about custom! Have an idea or want your drums in a specific size? Maybe a band logo, specific woods or a specific color rope? Just let us know. Custom is what we do!


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