RHD Original Djembe



Our original Djembe design, brought back to life with some major improvements!

  • Premium, low-stretch 5mm drum rope – Ask about current rope color options
  • Hand selected top grade hardwood lumber
  • High quality, medium to thick African goatskin
  • Custom rolled and welded steel rings
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with sound and craftsmanship
  • Professionally finished, headed and tuned


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Rubber Foot



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When Kevin Brown started Rhythm House Drums, he envisioned a djembe that was Eco-friendly, locally hand crafted and made of US sustainable hardwoods. He also wanted a djembe that would have the sound of the traditional West African djembe and noticed that the only other manufactures in the US were actually importing very poor quality, mass produced drums from places like Taiwan and Indonesia. This takes away the spirit, the culture, and the history of the djembe and turns it into another industrial product.

In fear that these djembes would become the norm (just stop by any large-chain music store) Kevin has built a djembe model that is everything these mass produced drums are not.

The RHD-Original Djembe comes standard with:

  • Premium, low-stretch 5mm drum rope – Ask about current rope color options.
  • Hand selected top grade hardwood lumber.
  • High quality, medium to thick African goatskin.
  • Custom rolled and welded steel rings
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with sound and craftsmanship

RHD-Original (Walnut) Djembe

American Black Walnut wood is known for it’s rich dark brown color with streaks of lighter sapwood. It is also regarded by many (including us here at RHD) as a wonderful tonal wood. It has a natural resonance of liveliness and warmth. It is a durable and stable hardwood, very well suited for percussion instruments. Our walnut djembes have a wonderful meaty tone, deep bass, and a pleasant, not too bright slap. This djembe is great for studio recording and acoustic sets.

RHD-Original (Maple) Djembe

If you are after a djembe with attack and volume, hard maple is the way to go. The higher density of this wood means it’s got killer projection. It resonates at a higher internal frequency and therefore will give your drum a brighter sound. We outfitted the foot of these with a flame maple (also known as curly maple) foot to enhance the reflection of light and make the wood visually pop! These djembes are loud, bright, and quick with great response and attack. If you are looking for a solo djembe that cuts above the others. This is the drum you should look at!

Production Times

Please note that because we are a small shop and the hand-crafted nature of these djembes, they are built per order.? Photos are only a representation of this style drum that we have built in the past. Production times vary greatly depending on time of year and work load. We have shipped these drums all over the world and they are known for exceptional sound and craftsmanship. Because of this, we can be very busy. Typical turn around time is 6-8 weeks, however a wait of up to 6 months is possible. Contact us if you have any questions or need your drum sooner. ** Custom rope colors and ring wraps available. Contact us for more info.


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