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Absolute top quality djembes made right here in the USA. The RHD Pro Series Djembes are designed and constructed to the highest standards at our shop in Waynesboro, VA.

These djembe drums produce some of the widest dynamic ranges we’ve heard a djembe produce. From bright crisp slaps to woodblock sounding tones and a deep resonant bass, the RHD Pro Series Djembe is the djembe all others want to be! The unique construction of these drums allows for maximum bowl volume which increase tones and bass, while our down-tube design maximizes projection and volume. We use traditional heading techniques to pull this skins super tight so even a novice can pull out a solo slap.

The first thing you’ll notice about these djembes is the remarkable craftsmanship that you just can’t find anywhere else, and once you play it, you’ll be hooked!! These RHD Pro Series Djembe drums are for the experienced player looking for the djembe that sets them apart from the rest of the drummers. It’s also an excellent drum for the beginner that wants the most from an instrument. So many djembe players start with a poor quality djembe and give up because they can’t produce the sounds they are after. Not with these drums. These djembe drums will inspire you to play and their beautiful tones will encourage you to keep going!

The RHD Pro Series Djembe is a special instrument and we will never mass produce these or any drum on our site. We take pride in the art and essence of each drum. Because of this, they are all built per order and turnaround time is normally around 8-10 weeks, however, depending on current work load, the wait could be up to 6 months. Please contact us if there is a question about production times.

There are 3 sizes to choose from:


RHD Pro Series Djembe:

13.25″ x 24.5″ :: This is a great place to break into the Pro Series djembes. At 13.25″ head you will get a great range and will have super high/tight slaps. Tuning these up to solo pitch will give you a loud dynamic djembe with the bass being tight and controlled.

13.75″ x 25″ :: A bigger bowl on these gives the best dynamic range. Perfect for the soloist. The bass and open tone is a bit deeper than the 13.25″ djembe but the slaps are just as tight.

14.25″ x 25″ :: This is a big drum! If you like a larger head this is it! You can get so many textures out of a drum this size. A lot of the pros like Mamady Keita, and Adama Drame will often play on a very large djembe to have complete control over the sound. The bass is huge and deep, the tones are powerful and the slaps are sharp but with more sustain that can be controlled with technique. This drum can be headed with either a thick goatskin or a cowhide. A lower tuning on these drums with a super thick cowhide gives the perfect bass djembe.

** Custom rope colors and ring wraps available. Contact us for more info.

If you want to customize one of these RHD Pro Series djembe drums, contact us for details – Check out these photos of some previous built custom RHD Djembe drums.


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