Vegan Djembe Build P3

I finally got around to finishing up this Vegetarian friendly Djembe… I’m impressed!? If you listen carefully, you can tell it’s a synthetic skin, but it sounds super sweet!? I do a few “special” techniques a bit different when putting the synthetic head on a djembe.? Building the walnut shell allowed to build the shell […]

Vegan Djembe Build P1

Ok, this isn’t really part one outside of the internet…? I’ve been at this build for a while so I will probably only have a few parts to this vegan djembe build. I build quite a few of these vegan/vegetarian friendly djembes and ashikos.? Hopefully you’ll find the following interesting… just the basic process of […]

Vegetarian Friendly Hand Drums | Djembe

I recently got an order for a vegetarian friendly djembe. It’s a total custom build using American black walnut wood and I’m doing some simple carvings at the base. I actually do a lot of these vegan/vegetarian djembes and ashikos so I thought this would be a great addition to my drum building blog to […]