Tasumakan – Djembe Lessons

Let me start by saying that this is one heck of a lesson series.? It is still in it’s early stages, only 4 rhythms put out to date, however the potential is here for a great resource on the djembe vocabulary.

Tasumakan is taught by Paddy Cassidy, a djembefola from America who specializes in Malian-style djembe and dunun.

Each lesson contains tons of information on each a specific rhythm including…

  • ?Introduction to the rhythm
  • ?Djembe accompaniment parts (played at a slower tempo)
  • ?Djembe accompaniment parts (played at a faster tempo)
  • ?Dunun parts (played at a slower tempo)
  • ?Dunun parts (played at a faster tempo)
  • ?Djembe solo, broken down into individual phrases
  • ?Djembe solo played at full tempo with the ensemble
  • ?Free Bonus: Full ensemble play-along track (MP3)

These are video lessons for the djembe in which Paddy breaks everything down and explains it in a way that makes sense.? If you are new to the djembe is this a great place to start.? If you are looking to push your already developed skills, take a hard look at Tasumakan and the djembe solo phrases that Paddy teaches.

Lots of other products lack to show you the solo phrases (Paddy even breaks it down with notation on PDF for those that learn better that way) and Tasumakan not only shows you, but? splits the long phrases into easily remembered phrases and puts it all back together.? An excellent approach to teaching the djembe.

No doubt that one-on-one instruction is the best way to learn djembe, but that is expensive with an experience djembefola, and not everyone has access to take lessons from a master.? Group lessons are fun, but it’s hard to learn at your own pace.. This series of lessons puts the djembe in your hands with the right tools to make it talk the way a djembe is supposed to and with traditional technique and phrasing.

I’ve personally been following his video series, and honestly have learned a bit.? I love the way Paddy breaks down the djembe solo phrases, and how he has a slow and fast version of the different parts.? I’ve seen TONS of videos and how-to lessons on learning the djembe, and this series is in my top 5 Favs.? I’m looking forward to the next rhythm Tasumakan comes out with!



Check him out here – Tasumakan



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