The Life Doesn?t Matter

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to witness a lot of bizarre happenings, talk to a lot many extraordinary people and experience things which are no less than magical. And if I had to choose my favorite, I would undoubtedly choose hand drumming. The reason isn?t the effects it has on the environment and the people, or the rhythmic beats which feel closer to the heart than anything else, or even the fact that in certain cases, it proves to be a better healer than most doctors and it costs a lot less for sure. The reason would be the people from different walks of life attending it, enjoying the music together and uniting together at a place, unchained by boundaries of color, creed, or culture.

Creating Tranquility

And as with the different people, the reasons for attending hand drumming sessions are also different. It is like someone threw all the different colors within reach onto a blank canvas. A guy from a nearby neighborhood said he was there simply because he loved music. A group of girls from the nearby town said they were doing a research on brain wave activity and wanted to experience things first hand. A couple said that the hand drumming circle was the only time they were together not spent fighting over unimportant issues.


And the people, each with a different background as well. The drummer was the Lead Software Engineer with a leading software firm. Two other drummers worked night shifts as watchmen. Other members included a teacher, a movie maker, a mechanic, and even a doctor! Now if that isn?t astonishing, I don?t know what is. The point is – hand drumming has evolved to a whole new level, with more and more people being drawn towards it with every passing moment. Who knows, hand drumming might be the new phenomenon to hit the world and turn it upside down.

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