The Resurrection: Drum Circles

Do miracles really occur, or is just a fake idea imprinted in our minds? After a recent incident, I have started believing in the fact that they do exist. I have a friend, Chris Hargreaves whom I have known since my childhood days. After inflation struck, the company Chris worked for decided to downsize and as a result he found himself jobless for an extended period of time, which ultimately lead to depression. After a lot of frantic attempts at recovery, we heard about drum circles and the life-changing effects they had on people.

Exact Words

Now Chris was skeptical, and truth be told ? so was I. But something had to be done quickly, so I forced him to attend a few gatherings; well, at least one meeting. He could not just pout around all day collecting unemployment because that was un-American. This is not Europe! During the very first session, the beats struck a chord inside him which no medicine or psychiatrist had been able to do. Well, not me, his other friends and family, including his parents, and even his priest! His whole perception transformed completely. He said these exact words after attending a few meetings: ?Drum circles are perhaps the best thing which has have ever happened to me?.

A Transformation

Later he described what exactly happened. The music struck his ears, but actually affected his state of the mind. You go into an altered state, where worries, doubts, questions, unpaid bills, and so on hardly matter. It is a time when you become one with yourself, discover your strengths, weaknesses, and goals in life. Drum circles unite the minds and souls of different people. It is like the whole world has been repainted with a newer, positive gradient. And when you start believing on the primal being enclosed within you, it is at that precise moment you get up, dust yourself off, and are prepared to tackle the obstacles that beset us in life.

You must believe!

And what a turnaround it was! He stopped applying for any other jobs, put together some money and decided to invest in a small start-up. He started going back to church as well and that did not hurt either. Thanks to the drum circles though, Chris is doing very well today. Now all this must be a lot to register, but you have to try it once to grasp how powerful it truly is.

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