Vegan Djembe Build P2

Not a huge update here.. just a small follow up.

I loved the way this black walnut djembe finished up.? I used a new technique for finishing walnut wood which consists of flooding the surface with danish oil and then sanding in a circular pattern with 400 grit wet/dry sand paper.? This creates a slurry that will get into the pores of the walnut and give it a smoother finish.? Walnut is an open pored wood, so to get a nice smooth finish, you have to fill the pores somehow.? Most commercial fillers will dull the look of the wood.? I got this technique out of a recent issue of Wood Magazine… Came just in time!


I’m really glad I went a bit deeper on the carvings, I think they show up great and accent the natural flow of the grain.? The sapwood that shows is the only bits of sapwood on the drum, I thought it would be neat to put those staves together rather than space it throughout the drum.? I like the look… very cool :)? I’ll be heading this drum up with a synthetic NuSkyn head from Remo very soon!? As always, I’ll get final photos and hopefully get a video recording of this drum to share it’s sound!


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