Vegan Djembe Build P3

I finally got around to finishing up this Vegetarian friendly Djembe… I’m impressed!? If you listen carefully, you can tell it’s a synthetic skin, but it sounds super sweet!? I do a few “special” techniques a bit different when putting the synthetic head on a djembe.? Building the walnut shell allowed to build the shell for the sound I wanted.? I overcompensated for bass and tone, because the warm tone is what the synthetic skins lack.

RHD Vegan Djembe

Here is a video I just posted on YouTube.? I think it’s a great thing I started this blog… I have gotten pretty good at describing sounds and talking about pitch and tone and resonance, but it doesn’t always mean a whole lot without some sort of audio or video reference… but now I’m accountable, and by taking video, I can show what I mean.? It’s really hard to sell djembe drums online without the customer ever hearing the drum.? Hopefully these videos will aid in the decision making process. 🙂

Enjoy and leave comments!? This was a custom build but the style is going up on my online store for vegan djembes.



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