War with Machines

So after a weekend of stress and rushing and of no productivity, I finally fixed the jointer. Machine problems are a part of the business, I know, and I also realize I don’t have the best equipment out there, though I do have some REALLY good equipment where it matters most.

I had a lot I was attempting to get out over the weekend, including a custom ashiko. I’ll be gluing it up today after re-cutting the staves. First my jointer was putting a slight curve on the edge, less than 1/32, but noticeable for a clean glue up, then once I got it trued up I ran my staves… only to find that adjusting the table nudged the fence. I should have double checked, kind of silly that I didn’t. But I learned my lesson. My angle was off so the drum didn’t glue up tight. Luckily I do a dry test fit before I take the time to glue, so I caught the issue before it was a messy issue… Just a little release of frustration… Off to make more sawdust!

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