Website Update

You may have noticed that Rhythm House Drums looks a bit different. Hopefully it didn’t scare anyone off as I’ve had the same design / site for almost 5 years now.

My goal here was to upgrade to current software (PHP for the tech savvy) and to better utilize my site in the direction it was going – more blogging. :) I like talking about what I do, and there is no use in having two totally separate sites (shop / blog). This is me and it’s what I do so lets get it all on the same page.

One of my biggest objectives is useability. I offer a lot of good content and a lot of unique drums and I want to make sure those looking for it can find it. I thought a lot about the site navigation and have attempted to impliment this new site in a way that is intuitive and attractive.

Here is a break down of the improvements you can expect:

  • ?New Color Scheme
  • Faster Response / access
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Larger Product Photos
  • Easier Checkout process
  • Order Tracking
  • More Accurate shipping rates
  • Better looking e-mails
  • CONGAS!!!

What??? Congas?? Yes that’s right.? I’ve been holding off on debuting my conga builds until I got the new site up and running.? But here they are, the RHD Mini Conga, and my full size set of Congas with custom hand made stainless hardware.

A note to previous customers:

I was able to import all the data from my old site to this one, thus? saving your info and usernames, but for security purposes has reset the passwords.? If you ordered or set up a user account with the old black / green site and would like to log in to see past orders or current order status, please reset your password.

Comments on this site are encouraged!? Let me know what you think of the new layout and if you’d like to see any changes!

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