What you can’t plan for…

Well I’ve had an order for some vegan Ivory Coast djembes and was waiting for some shells to come in so I could get a nice fit for the synthetic heads. Hurricane Irene totally delayed the shipment by almost two weeks!

I got the shells in yesterday about 5pm. I had promised these out asap so I was up until around midnight working on these two djembes…. And still have some more to do today before I can box them up.

As soon as they came in I shaped up the bearing edge and oiled them up good. One had a small hairline crack that I filled. These Iroko wood shells are notorious for hairline cracks. As long as they are caught early and taken care of properly, it’s not an issue.

I rushed to make the rings and wrap/knot them. I got both djembes roped up but still need to tune them and give them my special touch and photograph them.

I’m doing a djembe lesson tonight as well, but hopefully I’ll get to bed a bit earlier and get the djembes shipped, I’m dragging today… hopefully the lesson will pump me up!

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